Frogging and Tinking

Socks are giving me fits. I have frogged two different sock attempts and the green one pictured below is currently in time out. I royally messed it up but thanks to the knowledge and patience of a knit night friend it was not a complete failure. Poor Bru has had such anxiety issues recently he’s … More Frogging and Tinking

Current reads

These are some of the books I’ve checked out of the library recently. The Martha cleaning book is mine. It’s very informative and tells how to clean almost anything. The biggest problem is it doesn’t do the cleaning for me. I’m trying to set up some kind of a cleaning schedule. The current schedule is … More Current reads

Happy December 1st

I love Saturdays. My husband and I got up and headed to the local farmer’s market this morning. I’ll be honest, we weren’t going for the veggies this visit. A nice warm Nutella crepe is a great way to start the day. We also picked up some locally roasted coffee. Our typical brew is Duncan … More Happy December 1st

Hello November

My morning coffee cup is ready for Election Day. Sock knitting is challenging. Tonight is Knit Night at my local sewing/yarn store. I’m hoping guidance will be found there. Afternoon coffee cup is still all about Election Day. He was a very good sport about me putting a sticker on his back side. He is … More Hello November


I’m still trying to figure out WordPress. I’ve also been working on the Cozy Stripe blanket. It’s so close to being finished and I am so ready!